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This scene from The Greatest Showman sums up why I started Wolfhusl Travel Lifestyle Apparel. We are not meant to be chained to a desk, pay bills & die. The #1 request that I have for anyone that wears my brand: Live your life on your terms, no one elses - Wolves Don't Play Fetch.


The Wolfhusl brand is for the travel lifestyle community & those seeking the freedom & adventure of the travel lifestyle. The Wolfhusl brand has a purpose. "I wish I traveled more," is one of the Top 5 answers of elderly peoples’ biggest regrets, &, "Travel More," is one of the Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions. Wolfhusl is your battle flag, your back-up, your encouragement to be YOU, to get you out of your comfort zones, to explore & protect our beautiful planet, to make life fun & to look good doing it!


  - Founder Anthony Raffety


Founded in 2020, Wolfhusl Travel Lifestyle Apparel is fun-casual-fashion (FCF) clothing, apparel & accessories for the ambitious & adventurous. Started in the US and expanding to Europe & Asia by 2025.


Wolves Don’t Play Fetch – a metaphor to have the courage to be self-determined.


To outfit & inspire all of humanity to live full lives.


Through laughter, storytelling, a unique customer experience, & our innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly, fun-casual-fashion clothing and accessories, Wolfhusl is a badge of self-determination, ambition, & the pursuit of balance & exploration to both our customers & employees, worldwide.